REVIEW: Shadow's Edge (The Night Angel Trilogy) by Brent Weeks

Shadow's Edge - Brent Weeks

This review assumes you have read The Way of Shadows.


Shadow's Edge starts where the previous book ended. The bad guy was dealt with and replaced by another one, this one even more dangerous. Nothing out of the ordinary there. New characters are introduced as well, and like in the first book they're all flat stereotypes.


They're all characters that are the 'best' or 'at the top' of something. We have the undefeated general. The wisest scholar, the most worthy successor. It's another parade of the best, brightest, evilest.

I personally didn't mind as the story has grown very well, showing us more of the wider world. But I can imagine there are people who can only roll their eyes at it.


I'd also like the rectify something I said in my previous preview. I said that all women with major roles were either virgins or whores, and that was false. Kaldrossa, the sethi pirate captain was neither. Yet I don't feel the need to go back and change it as this book... turns her into a whore (because it's the only way a pretty woman can make money in this city). Apart from that the two type system holds (Ariel the scholar is a virgin obviously).


Not much else to say about this book. It extends on the initial setup from the first book, building it into an even bigger setup while still resolving a lot of plot lines. I'm appreciative of that as a lot of second books in a trilogy just provide more setup, which defeats the point of having a second book to begin with in my opinion.


Another minor downside is that some of the plot is completely predictable (like the Vi


Final verdict:

If you liked the first book, you will like this one better.