REVIEW: Issola (Vlad Taltos series) by Steven Brust

Issola - Steven Brust

After a month of reviewing this series I'm ready to move on and Issola is the one that pushed me.


We join Vlad in the main timeline, still on the run. The story then devolves into an attempt at more epic storytelling (involving gods and whatnot) yet manages to fall completely flat. Brust's style just doesn't work for me in this and the fact that despite the fact there is a huge expansive world out there, it seems that every major event is handled by the same handful of people. This makes the author's hand too visible, which is a shame.


Final verdict

The worst book of the series so far. It's not outright bad, but I could have done without it. Expect one more review in this series (as I already began reading it), but after that it's time to move on.