REVIEW: Dragon (Vlad Taltos series) by Steven Brust

Dragon - Steven Brust

Having read this book a week ago, I actually forgot what it was about. A clear sign that I've been reading too much of this series.


Dragon is more of a military fantasy novel in the style of Mallazan, which makes it stand out from the other books. Yet I still forgot what was it about, and I blame the lackluster ending for it. I'm someone to who the journey only matters if there is a worthwhile payoff. In this case it's pretty obvious from the start what's going to happen, which makes it a dull affair.


One thing I haven't mentioned before is that Brust has a tendency to intersperse timejumps right in the middle of the story, which sometimes becomes confusing. This book is like that as well. There are two storylines. The main storyline that describes the events leading towards the books ending and another one that describes the last hour before that same ending (thus acting as a set of flash forwards).


Final verdict

Okay book that makes me wish Brust tried his hand at this style of novels in a separate universe (or maybe he did, I need to look into that).