REVIEW: Starfire Series by David Weber & Steve White

In Death Ground - David Weber, Steve  White The Shiva Option - David Weber, Steve  White

Another SF series that I picked up on a recommendation. Or perhaps not a recommendation, more of a wondering on that person's description of the books, which I will paraphrase.


"A small space battle, followed by a bigger space battle, followed by an even bigger space battle, followed by a desperate space battle, followed by an even more massive and desperate space battle, followed by..."


As you might guess, these books are about space battles.


This summary, by the way, is absolutely correct. There are characters, but they are nothing but archetypes designed to pull the plot forward so we can have another space-battle. That's what everything is geared towards. You can even notice it in the descriptions as before any battle commences the authors will drone up an exact listing of the number and types of ships about to engage in battle. It gives the entire thing a sort of a spreadsheet like quality. Consistent, but never exciting.


Final verdict

A solid read if you like... space battles! The descriptions are serviceable and as long as you aren't expecting deep mystery nor character development that isn't along standard archetype lines, you can pick this up to read while you veg out.