Review: The Dragon's Path (The Dagger and the Coin) by Daniel Abraham

The Dragon's Path - Daniel Abraham

An epic fantasy series written in the 'chapter per point of view' style we see often these days. The plot follows the exploits of people either from the empire of Antea, or those affected by it.


Concerning the setting; this is your standard fare for the most part, although its not a 'feudal europe' setting, praise the sun.

There are twelve different races of humanity, which is something I haven't seen before. For the story it (yet) doesn't seem to matter much, but I'll see what future books will bring. On the other hand, dragons again? Sure, they're extinct in the novel, but that doesn't make them any less overused in the genre.


Most of the book is setup and I have to say that some of the plot resolutions are coming very close to 'the plot demands it' rather than character driven decisions. It manages to stay on the right side, however, but I'm wary for the next books.


Final verdict:

Not great, but interesting enough to continue reading the series. As far as epic fantasy goes, you can't go wrong here.