REVIEW: Desert Spear (The Demon Cycle #2) by Peter V. Brett

The Desert Spear - Peter V. Brett

This review assumes you read The Warded Man.


This novel is basically in the same vein as the first book, although I must say it begins to crack at the edges.


We are treated to several new points of view, which leads to some interesting scenes as we revisit some events from the first book, just looked at from another side. Unfortunately, it also leads to a boring first one third of a novel. Reading about Jardir's rise to where he is in the first novel isn't very interesting, because you already know where he ends up. This robs most of his scenes from impact. The writing of the combat scenes isn't interesting either and skim worthy for the most part.


The plot is turning out stale as well. Ancient Evil challenged by rising young power has been done to death and so far I saw little in these books to believe that it will change.


Final verdict:

If you loved the first book you'll probably love this one. If you were 'meh' about it, don't bother continuing.