REVIEW: Undying Mercenaries Series by B.V. Larson

Steel World - B.V. Larson Dust World - B.V. Larson Tech World (Undying Mercenaries Series) (Volume 3) - B. V. Larson

I'm going to review these in bulk as they are effectively carbon copies of each other in every respect except the overarching plot.


To make this clear, these books are SF pulp. Don't expect an in depth exploration of the human condition here, even though the underlying premises (soldiers that keep getting revived after every death) is suitable for such a thing.


Now mind you, it being pulp isn't a complaint in this case, especially if you are the target audience, which is teenage males. The women in this book are all pretty and hot, and the protagonist has sex with most of them. Dip it all in a sauce of flesh tearing violence and you got yourself a novel.


Luckily, the world building and the plot that ties the books together is interesting enough to lift these up above your typical 'author self-insert' novels.


Final verdict:

Entertaining if you want to veg out with some easy reading and indulge yourself.