REVIEW: Half the World (Shattered Sea #2) by Joe Abercrombie

Half the World (Shattered Sea) - Joe Abercrombie

I'm having a few busy weeks so I won't update as often this month.


In the first book we followed the coming of age of Yarvi. In this book he's no longer the protagonist, instead filling the role of an important supporting character.


The two new protagonists are your typical teen fantasy characters (one boy, one girl), which leads to the plot being fairly typical as well. In fact, anyone who ever read Lord of the Rings should see the last 'surprise' in the plot coming from a mile away. One of the protagonists is a bit too capable as well.


Final verdict

I saw someone describe this series as 'Abercrombie lite' and that's pretty much accurate. It's a 'by the numbers' Young Adult novel, so unless you are the target audience or really enjoy those, I wouldn't recommend reading this.