REVIEW: Kusiel's Chosen by Jaqueline Carey

Kushiel's Chosen - Jacqueline Carey

This review assumes you read Kushiel's Dart.


In the previous book, the main antagonist Melisande manages to escape, and she casts a challenge at our heroine at the start of this one. And that will be the main plot of the entire book, Phèdre traveling around the world to find out what her hated beloved is up to now.


To the plots credit, I didn't see the twist coming until it was only a page away. Unfortunately, once that twist happens things become very straightforward. The plot is locked in place from that moment on as you know that nothing will happen to Phèdre and as the overall structure of the book is similar to the first one, you know how it's going to end.


Luckily, the how is still entertaining enough even though I really don't like Jocelin for some reason. He just appears flat to me, having no will of his own beyond 'serving Cassiel' or 'serving Phèdre' depending on whichever plot demand is pulling his chain. I hope this trend of flat characters does not continue in the next book.


Final verdict:

If you liked the first book, you'll enjoy this one. I still grade it less than the first though because without the wonder of Phèdre growing up, the book seems to be missing that special something.