REVIEW: Abbadon's Gate (The Expanse series) by James A. Corey

Abaddon's Gate  - James S.A. Corey

This review assumes you read the previous books.


The big bad finally made its move in the previous book. A massive structure called the Ring parked itself at the edge of the solar system and every major player is sending everything they got.


In this book we learn more about the protomolecule origins, while maintaining the mystery behind it. This is a good thing as 'in between' books frequently fail to develop the plot further, merely keeping things afloat until the final book.


Yet as you may have noticed, I still rated this book lower than the previous one. There is only a single reason for this; the ending is boring. The twist that sets the endgame in motion has been done to death and the motivations behind it are tentative at best.


I mean, staging a mutiny because the captain is a moron and then utterly failing to keep a proper eye on him is just asking for the trouble that follows. I get Ashford's motivation, and even Cortez. But it's never made clear why everyone else goes along with the 'plan that kills everyone on-board, nor why Melba does (apart from being screwed in the head at the time and the plot requiring her to be on the bridge so she could save the day). The whole plot behind the counter mutiny was just too transparent and dulled the impact of Bull's death.

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Final verdict

Solid enough, but I do worry a bit that the series is running out of steam plot wise.