Review: Rules of Ascension (Winds of the Forelands) by David B. Coe

Rules of Ascension - David B. Coe

The story revolves around the Rules of Ascension that govern who is going to be king next from a gaggle of noble houses. PoVs change frequently, even in chapter and are written in third person.


The start of this book is... odd. Several chapters are spend describing several (critical) events that lead up to the situation a few years later when the 'real' story lines begins. I'm not certain why the author chose to do this. The events described don't appear to offer anything that couldn't be summarized later and it causes the PoVs to jump around a lot in the earlier chapters.


 My biggest issue is that it's all so... bland. It hits several of the standard fantasy tropes and no sign that something interesting is going to happen with it. The described world isn't particular interesting either, and neither are the characters (because they're tropes).


I do applaud the author's ability to write drama. It really hit me despite falling a bit flat due to the many PoV jumping. I was able to predict the nature of most of the dramatic twists.


Final verdict

I can't really find anything really wrong with this book, but neither can I find anything that compels me to read the next book in the series. There is nothing unique offered as far as the plot is concerned, so if you care about such a thing, you're better of skipping this.