REVIEW: Beyond the Shadows (The Night Angel Trilogy) by Brent Weeks

Beyond the Shadows - Brent Weeks

This review assumes you read the the two previous books.


The third and final part of the Night Angel Trilogy


This book turned out to be a bit of disappointment to me. The most glaring problem is the ending of the book. Due to the way the various pieces that go before are set up, you know what's going to happen over a hundred pages before the end. There was only one particular plot thread that could go either way.


Otherwise there isn't much to say. The writing quality is the same, as is the author's insistence to make women characters as flat as possible. I know I ranted too much about this already, but once you take notice of these things it just keeps popping up. Especially seeing that in this book, Vi is revealed to have never felt anything sexual during her whoring days. Not until she falls in love with Kylar and suddenly does 'get horny' to put it bluntly.


In other words; she's a virgin with the experience of a whore. Isn't that convenient.


Final verdict

The book is a suitable ending for the trilogy, although uninspired. That said, I will keep a look out for more books of this author.